Washing Tips

General care instructions
Be sure to let the shoes breathe. Do not wear the same pair of shoes every day.
When wet (sweat, water) let the shoes dry before putting them on again. Dry the shoes at room temperature, do not leave them on the radiator or in the sun because they are damaged.

Never wash leather shoes in the washing machine. Be sure to clean them daily with a cloth and use * varnish frequently. The polish cleanses the skin, nourishes it and makes it softer. The "dry" skin pops, peels and therefore breaks.

Leather Suede
Never wash suede shoes in the washing machine. Use a soft brush to scrape off the dust. Once you have cleaned the shoe, use a special spray * * * to protect them from dust and moisture. In case the shoe stains, dissolve a little liquid soap in water and clean the stains with a cloth.

Check the shoe wash instructions first. Then remove the soles if the laces come out (the laces must be washed separately). If the shoes are very dirty, clean them with a cloth to protect your washing machine. Put the shoes in an old pillowcase or laundry bag. Prefer a light program ** in the washing machine. Dry the shoes naturally.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I clean the inside of the shoe? How can I reduce the smell of shoes?
Remove the soles, make a gentle cleaning solution by mixing water with a small amount of *** laundry detergent. Use a brush to clean the sole and let it dry well before putting it back in the shoe.
If it's the kids' favorite pair of shoes they wear every day, put baking soda on each shoe and leave it overnight. After this procedure, put the shoes in the washing machine in a special program. If the odor persists, you may need to replace the insoles.

* Ask the staff at our store or call +302421038831, to indicate which product to use.
** Use the washing program for sensitive clothes with cold water at 30 o C.
*** Prefer liquid laundry detergent that dissolves easily and leaves no residue.

In any case, contact the staff of our store or call +302421038831, to advise you on the care of shoes.

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