This Privacy Policy is intended to help you understand why we are collecting your personal data and how we use it. Please read it carefully before using this site. This policy applies to all of you who visit our website or purchase and use our products or services through our website. The Company ensures that Paidika Papoutsia is in compliance with the provisions of Law 2472/1997 on the “Protection of Individuals with regard to the Processing of Personal Data” and Law 3471/2006 on the “Protection of Personal Data and Privacy in the Electronic Communications” and the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation). In any case, the Company asserts that any collection, processing and/or storage of your personal data is carried out according to law and only upon your express specific consent and solely and exclusively for the purposes and to the extent necessary for the operation of the Paidika Papoutsia.


The Company ensures that the Paidika Papoutsia is in compliance with the provisions of the Laws regarding personal data. In any case, the Company asserts that any collection, processing and/or storage of your personal data is carried out according to the laws set.
By using the services of Paidika Papoutsia and its terms of use, you declare responsibly that you are over 16 years old.


browsing the Paidika Papoutsia is possible even without the disclosure of information that is considered to be personal data
Your payment details (e.g., the number of your credit card) are not collected or stored by the Company, so you need to re-register them each time you want to make a transaction through Paidika Papoutsia .


Creating an account

Upon successful completion of your transaction with the Paidika Papoutsia you are automatically registered to it through the creation of a personal account where the information of your order is saved. For the completion of your registration, you will receive an email with further instructions to set your Personal Security Code.

You remain solely and exclusively responsible for all transactions carried out under your personal account as well as for the correct use of your account, whilst the Company is not liable for any damage or loss resulting from non-observance of these terms. You agree to promptly notify the Company for any unauthorized use of your account and any existing and/or potential security violation.

The Company has no liability whatsoever in case of loss of data since it has taken all possible measures to safeguard them.

By entering the data, the visitor and/or customer agrees to: (a) provide true, accurate, valid and complete information regarding the information requested by the Paidika Papoutsia in order to access its contents/services and (b) maintain and diligently update his/her registration data in order to always be true, accurate, valid, updated and complete.

Quality assurance and security

The Company uses the collected data so that it can detect possible cyber attacks on time and be protected.


The Company asserts that it will not use your personal data for any use not specifically authorized by you, nor will send or disclose your data to any third parties (natural or legal entities) not affiliated with the Company, without your express and specific consent to this effect.
The Company transmits your personal data in cases where disclosure is necessary in order for your order to be carried out (e.g. cooperating shipping companies) or if it is mandatory by law.


The Paidika Papoutsia can use cookies in order to provide visitors/customers with information, better services (order status, personal settings, etc.) and more efficient and direct order processing, to create personalized advertisements according to the interests and needs of the visitor / customer, as well as to compile anonymous reports and statistical analysis that contribute to the better understanding of the use of Paidika Papoutsia and to its improvement.

The personal identity of the visitor cannot be directly verified through cookies. The visitor can disable the use of cookies. However, some features are only available through the use of cookies and disabling them may affect their availability.

Cookies do not corrupt or damage your computer, software or files.
Through the settings of your browser, you can delete cookies that have already been saved at any time, prevent the installation of new cookies or ask to be asked every time a cookie is to be installed on your computer. For more information you can go to your browser’s help page.


All names, images and trademarks used by the Company are protected or used upon permission of the owner.

Intellectual property is obtained without any wording and without the need for a clause prohibiting any infringements thereof. The Paidika Papoutsia and its contents (including all trademarks, distinctive features, patents, brand names, texts, images, graphics, drawings, photographs, programs, informative material of any kind, data, and software) constitute intellectual and industrial property of the Company and are subject to protection by the relevant provisions of the Greek, Community and international law. Third parties are not permitted to use: the names of the models, collections, products, services, the company name and all emblems belonging to the Company.


The Company makes any effort in order to ensure that the information appearing on the Paidika Papoutsia is accurate, complete and updated on a regular basis. By using this website, the visitor and/or the customer accepts and is bound by the terms and conditions applicable on the date of its use.
The Company does not guarantee the completeness of the information contained in the Paidika Papoutsia, nor does it guarantee that the use of this website will be without interruptions or errors or that, in the event of errors, they will be immediately rectified. Also, the Company is not liable for any technical problems that may occur to visitors and/or customers upon their effort to access this website, and during their access, which are related to the operation or compatibility of their own infrastructure with this website and does not guarantee protection against electronic viruses or other harmful electronic data, via the use of its website.

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