• Where is my package?
      You can check the status of your package on the Speedex website with the package number you received in the parcel e-mail.
    • When I try to use the package number, it's wrong, why?
      The package number is activated after 48 hours from the moment of sending the parcel.


    • What is the return number and if I need to fill it in?
      The return number is filled in only by the customers who fill in the form electronically. Those who fill in the form in writing this point may remain blank.


    • Are the products genuine and how is this proven?
      All the products of our store are genuine and their authenticity is proved as in other stores, with the proof of sale, all the brands and labels of the brands.


    • I made a deposit / payment by card and I have not yet received my package, why?
      Deposit to the account or payment by card is not equivalent to direct credit of the amount to our account. The package is sent after the value of the package is credited to our account, which can be delayed up to a week.


    • Can I make an appointment with a courier at this time to receive the parcel?
      Unfortunately, we have no influence on the delivery time to the recipient. If you are interested in setting a specific delivery time, please contact your local courier company Speedex. As soon as the package leaves your store, we send you an e-mail with a bill of lading number, so that you can track the progress of the shipment on the supplier's website..


    • How can I get more product information?
      You can ask a question via e-mail: patousa.shoes@gmail.com or by phone: +302421038831.



    • Can I change the order or payment method?
      To modify your order, please contact Customer Service.


    • What are the acceptable payment methods?
      The order can be paid by deposit, by card, cash on delivery or PayPal. The preferred payment method must be selected when ordering.


    • What is the total order execution time?
      Information on order execution time is given for each product. Orders are prepared and shipped daily Monday to Friday, from 09:00 to 14:00. In case of payment by deposit, order execution period is extended until the amount is credited to our account. We inform about each stage of the execution of the order, by sending an e-mail. The status of the order can be checked by linking to the personal account. In individual cases, the duration of the order execution can be extended to 15 days: - for such a delay we inform immediately by phone or e-mail.
      Caution! Execution time and delivery of orders does not include Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.


    • What is the shipping cost?
      Details on shipping costs can be found at: Delivery.


    • How and in what period is the refund made for the return of the product?
      We return within 15 working days from the receipt of the product, to the customer's bank account number.


    • Can I order other product colors?
      All colors available for sale are presented on the page. If a color does not appear, it means it is not available.


    • Is it possible to order products that are not available on the paidikapapoutsia.gr page?
      There is no such possibility. All products for sale are presented on our page. If there is no size available on the website, you can check if it is possible to order by contacting the Customer Service Office.


    • Can I cancel the order?
      The order can be canceled by contacting the Customer Service Office.


    • When can I return the product?
      The product can be returned within 15 days from the date of delivery.


  • How can I return the product?
    To return the product, please fill out the return form that came with the shipment and add along with the product.
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